Dry Lion cushions are designed to be weatherproof, this means that they can be left out in all weathers and won't fade (in direct sunlight) or rot in damp and humid conditions.

Yes, heavy rainfall will make the cushions wet and the water will penetrate to some degree, but the nature of the materials we use to manufacture our cushions means that they will dry out (very quickly in the Spring/Summer sunshine) and be ready for use again in no time.

Often, cushions claiming to be "water or shower proof" are manufactured using polyester covers, which do repel rainwater but they also lock in moisture which can then lead to the fibre filling sweating, getting damp and subsequently going mouldy or rotting.

Our covers are made from solution-dyed, Teflon-coated Olefin yarn.
They are water and stain repellent and offer optimal UV-resistance.
Swimming pool water-fastness.
The filling is made of light-weight, compressed polyester fibre which is free-draining, rot-proof, odour-resistant and non-allergenic.